SPMD Consultant Jeanette Lee
Jeanette Lee

Jeanette’s career spans over 20 years in the area of advertising, communication & marketing mainly in the telecommunications arena. She honed her leadership, employee engagement and interpersonal skills through the years dealing with people at all levels. In the last couple of years, being involved in business training has developed her aptitude for teaching and imparting knowledge to create change.
It is this experience and background in marketing and communication which has forged her training belief.

As a certified trainer she believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn, relearn and even sometimes unlearn what they know and ultimately nobody actually stops learning in their lifetime. The only difference is the degree and the capacity of the student and how much they truly desire to keep growing in any new area.
With that she wants to ensure her programs reflect and can relate to these varying degrees of learning for her participants. And she likes doing it in fun and engaging ways by incorporating group participation. Her methods are practical and content well thought out but what her participants will enjoy are her real-life experience examples which will make it easy and relevant for them to understand.
She is involved in strategizing, planning and development of corporate training programs with core competencies related to Communication, Coaching, Leadership and Managerial Management, Culture and Mindset Development, Behavioral Improvement and Employee Engagement.