SPMD Partner Shaun Perumal
Shaun Perumal

An experienced Talent Development & HR Consultant who  couples Psychological Models and Design Thinking with his  expertise in Talent Development Strategy & Framework AND  Best Practices & Process Building. At the helm of a boutique  HR & Talent development firm, he has worked extensively in the ASEAN region:

  1. Conducting Digitalization, Strategy and Innovation Workshops
  2. Developing Talent Competency & Engagement Strategies
  3. Employing Innovation Methodology to lead internal  stakeholders and their teams to address Commercial and  Operational challenges

Shaun firmly believes that success in this arena hinges on the Value that it creates for the  client. “Value is a balance between what the client wants and what they need. Ironically,  the two are usually different. We, the consultants need to define both and prioritize the  elements to ensure a successful outcome.”

As the lead for regional projects, Shaun is responsible for the team and accountable for the  Client’s Goals and Outcomes. He believes that “there is no perfect strategy, the only thing  you can do is engage your people, make sure they are clear about the big picture and how  they contribute to it – then play coach.”

Shaun is a huge proponent for Strategy, but believes that Communication outweighs  Strategy. “If you don’t communicate, strategy doesn’t matter because you don’t know if you  are on the right trajectory.”

Experience Highlights:

  1. Designed and Implemented Talent Development Programs (Behavioral & Managerial Competency driven) for Aerospace, Banking, Manufacturing Industry Clients
  2. Designed Employee Engagement Strategy for Clients
  3. Co-Designed Leadership & Managerial Development Program for Financial and Manufacturing Industry Clients
  4. Designed and Executed Digitalization Strategy and  Leadership Framework for Telecommunication and FMCG industry in Indonesia