“Coaches open the door, but you must enter by yourself”  Chinese Proverb

Our unique approach

Opening door to opportunities

Assessment: Personality Type, Gallup Strength Finder, REACH Eco System Leadership, 360 Degree and/or Culture assessment

Feedback and Development Planning: Using the outcome from the assessment we will help to set achievable development goals

Evaluation and closure Measure outcome

Our coaches deliver coaching within a clear, well-defined structure of achieving measurable goals:

Feedback – Participants continue to tell us about their insights and thoughts about the exercises and discussions we have

Accountability – There is sometime during every session, the participants talk about their failure to stay true to their action plans. We help them get to the bottom of why. It is possible the plan was too ambitious

Questions & Challenges – In trying to institute changes, people often find that they uncover challenges and they have numerous questions arising from the day-to-day efforts. It is vital that we process these with them positively