“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will start treating all your problems like a nail.” Abraham Kaplan

Assessment Center - People & Culture

Reach 360

Ineffective Leadership Style?  A command & control style of leadership that treats employees like expendable parts of a machine.

How Does It Work?  An innovative multi-rater survey system that measures your leadership style as well as 16 essential leadership skills.

Reach Profiles

Employees ill-equipped to be at their peak?  Questionable productivity with no idea what to develop?

What Does It Do? Assess individuals for specialized applications including; personal growth, teambuilding, leadership development, sales training & recruitment.

Reach Culture

Conflict &Tension?  Present scientifically measured parameters on a visual dashboard using an automated analysis system, with instantly generated reports.

What Is It?  A unique 12-minute survey platform that diagnoses the health of your organization’s culture. Allows you to measure & plan targeted development for a performance culture.

Reach Companions

Managers Feeling Helpless & Overwhelmed? Struggling with Virtual Leadership or Virtual Team Management.

How We Help?  A report system designed to give leaders of virtual & physical teams added clarity & purpose in order to efficiently communicate & engage even with a remotely located workforce.

Majors pti

The Majors Personality Type Indicator (MajorsPTI™) was developed to take advantage of recent developments in the field of psychometric and theoretical thought about personality type. The use of a non-forced option format and respondent-based weighting approaches are among these advancements. The aim of implementing these new measurement techniques is to develop a tool that can more accurately evaluate Jungian form, as defined by the standard (Myers) four-letter code.