SPMD Consultant Marcus Toy
Marcus Toy

Marcus’s career started in the field of Corporate Finance with Deloitte Malaysia specializing in M&A and Tech IP valuations for MNCs and listed companies. With great passion in Technology, he subsequently moved on to cofound a software development company and an MSC- status blockchain start-up, and has more than 5 years of experience in managing and leading young diverse teams.
Marcus has an academic background in Economics and Finance, and has graduated from the Go-To-Market Executive Program from Stanford Graduate School of Business. As an avid reader and a strong believer in lifelong learning, he is a strong advocate of utilizing incremental improvements and constructive habit building in achieving sustainable successes in life.

Marcus has also been involved in mentoring aspiring intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in topics ranging from idea pitching to product prototyping for programs and hackathons in Malaysia such as for the annual global NASA International Space App Challenge, the Fonterra’s internal global Hackathon, and etc.